Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What We'll Be Using

So the goal of this project is twofold. First, obviously, we've got France, and we're going to try to learn as much about the country and its many facets as possible.

But secondly, we're also going to try to work out how to build a successful curriculum covering a topic for a whole year using the many tools now available to us on the Web in 2009. Since this is a bit of a fly by night thing (and also foremost something for me - there's nothing so affably daffy as trying to social network out your minor obsessions) the list below isn't definitive and is subject to change.

  • Spicy Elephant - A great flashcard website, this is where all of the quizzes and tests will end up. Hopefully we'll build up a nice repository of card decks for studying.

  • Timetoast - A site for creating timelines, we'll be using this both for the main syllabus (as it were) of the blog as well creating timelines of all kinds of French histories (cinema, musique, art, la guerre!)

  • Delicious - The best bookmarking site around.

In addition, I'll be setting up a Facebook group, a Flickr pool, and possibly a YouTube channel, although the main focus will be here at the blog.

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